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«Maat Foundation» started producing the wands under the «Wands of Ra» trademark in 2014. Our primary objective was to create an affordable instrument, made according to the ancient canon, not inferior in quality and even superior to other wands/rods manufacturers while offering a fair pricing policy (today four companies are producing this stuff in Russia).

Knowing the subject well and having attained 5-years of experience in the production of the wands by our own hands in partnership with the «Wands of Horus» trademark earlier, we decided to start our project.

A year later (in 2015), having won the trust of many of our customers and many former clients of the «Wands of Horus» company, we were faced with an unprecedented campaign of lies initiated and controlled by our ex-partner Valery Uvarov. This person started to distribute lies, fiction, false stories, and slander on the web.
In this orderly material, we will show you the real motivation of the slander source.
In contrast to it, we do not use fantasy style and fake stories.
We give just facts, documents and other evidence,
which we can confirm in court.

How it all began?

So happened that we know Valery Uvarov for a long time. The reason for such behavior of our former partner lies in the distant past. Black PR that is directed against us today is just a traditional method that he used against other researchers and all his ex-partners throughout his life. But his campaign against our company is the most shameless in the history of any wands production in Russia. Lunatiс brainchildren of Valery Uvarov are used in a variety of tactics: the spread of incredible stories, falsification of facts, the creation of websites with similar domain names, etc. But we have a considerable amount of significant evidence that proves our honor, fair-dealing, and exposes him as a trivial liar.

Let's start with the basic trick of Valery Uvarov:
His statements about «the harm that the wands of other manufacturers can bring to people.»
wands of horus valery uvarov
Valery "Dr." Uvarov
A "Doctor" having 3 classes
of incomplete institute education
For the first time, he used this trick at the beginning of the 2000s. He spread such statements on the web after working as a distributor in «Egyptian rods» company (from 1997 to 2000). As soon as Uvarov, in secret from his partners, registered the "Wands of Horus" trademark in 2001 and opened his personal production, he immediately called all his ex-partners "producers of hazardous fakes." But in this case, it turns out that he stole the studies of "hazardous" rods and assigned them to itself. This fact remains a mystery, but later you will understand everything...
And now, 20 years later, the same strategy of lies is performed by Valery Uvarov against our company and "Wands of Ra" trademark for a special number of tasks:
To distribute as much as possible dirt on the first persons of Maat Foundation - Michael Eliseev, Boris Kiselev, and Oleg Novikov;
To plant fear in people who are interested in our products;
To not allow people thinking with their own minds and believe only Valery Uvarov;
To continue selling his «Wands of Horus», inflating the prices 3-4 times over.

Michael Eliseev
Maat Foundation headmaster
"We do not attack Valery Uvarov first, but we are forced to respond to his attacks on our company, giving you the opportunity to understand what a disgusting character is hiding under "sincere intentions" and the "struggle for morality." But he has nothing of his own: he stole all the research on the wands from previous manufacturers, his books were completely written off from other researchers (read about this below). Therefore his only tactic is to deny everything and blame others for all sins because he has nothing more to say in response".
The first slander. Part 1
Opening gambit of the author's doctrine of blackening competitors was cranked out by Valery Uvarov against Maat Foundation in 2015 and, at first glance, seemed to be banal:

- standard spitting and labeling as "fakes";
- mixing us with other manufacturers from the 90s, with whom we are familiar very remotely (this was cranked out especially for reducing our significance as his direct ex-partners);
- advertising himself beloved sharpening up his statements under his unhealthy theories;

All these lies were poured into the ears in the flow of sickly dirty forgery which is not possible to comment on without specialized knowledge in the field of clinical psychiatry. Previously we thought that he just has a character of a bastard. But now, having consulted with each other and having scanned his energy structure at different information levels we are unequivocally sure that this person has just gone mad. And we feel very sorry for him.

Analyzing the first web slander-2015 by Uvarov against us we have detected the main informational focal point which was slyly laid by him in the question of products quality. Since Valery Uvarov could not lie directly about the lack of a large pyramid at the disposal of our company (because everyone can visit it) the presence of which is significant in the wands production sequence he just decided not to mention it. But instead, he invented a multi-faceted trick designed to raise doubts in the quality of wands raw materials:

"The low an indication that cheap materials have been used" - the quote from his slander "masterpiece".

Of course, after such statements, Uvarov also had to deny the fact that Michael Eliseev (currently the headmaster of "Maat Foundation") was responsible for the quality of "Wands of Horus" production while working with him in the past until the conveyor of Uvarov's "deception factory" did not reach even Michael's family bank account (the same way Uvarov denies the fact of his work as a distributor in the «Egyptian rods» company in 1997-2000). And all other former partners of Valery Uvarov - Boris Kiselev and Oleg Novikov ("Maat Foundation" team in the present) which also left him are very well aware of all the subtleties and nuances of the wands production.

Thus, producing the "Wands of Ra" MAAT Foundation follows all technical details and conditions using qualitative materials well-known to our specialists from experience. That's why Valery Uvarov is freaking out using black PR methods for discrediting his competitors by all means! However, it is not the first year when reality shows that our products are made much better in grade because we attach more importance to the deeds, not the words.
"Unfortunately, Valery always declares more than he does. Inventing various accusations against his competitors (like harming people by "cheap materials") he does not attach any importance to many details of his production process...

Сontrolling the "Wands of Horus" quality while working in partnership with him sometimes I have discovered the wands made with different height, polished with the poisonous paste of heavy metals and many other shortcomings. And I had to fix all this with my own hands because Valery Uvarov has no one at his disposal owing to his greed. Often the ordered and paid goods were just not available making customers wait for paid products for many months.

However, we stopped our cooperation with Valery for another kind of reason. As it turned out later, my current colleagues had similar causes for ending the relationship with him. And now everything on our team is built in another way".

Michael Eliseev
Maat Foundation headmaster
wands of horus company
Valery Uvarov and Michael Eliseev (2011-2014)
Uvarov's tactic over the years remains unchanged:
Valery Uvarov distorts reality in those informational points that are difficult to check for an ordinary man. In other words, he plants the lies in the nuances which require a certain amount of effort and time for the check and convincing in the opposite. The world-famous proverb sounding like "Devil is in the details" is very appropriate here. But in practice, it is used as a criterion mainly among intellectuals who are unfortunately a minority. That's why naivety and laziness are the best assistants of the manipulator. And lie always has a constant companion in the face of trick.
The first slander. Part 2
Blaming our company for "using cheap materials" in the manufacture of "Wands of Ra" Valery Uvarov argued his statement with only one fact that everyone in his opinion must have believed without hesitation...

"Stunning evidence" of the reason for the price difference between our wands and Uvarov's cylinders sounds in the following way: "...the price of qualitative wands cant be lower than the cost of the "Wands of Horus"!!!

Further, he gives the next false information for fixing this program (informational point) in the ears of a dupe. At first glance, the following info seems to be more specific and is intended to inspire more trust in the specialist who is not afraid to disclose such "secret details". But this canard represents even more tricky deception: "The Wands of Horus contain monocrystalline quartz, the cost price of which (as a raw material) alone is higher than the price of the "Wands of Ra". After such "revelation" according to the concept of the pretender, you should unquestioningly beLIEve Valery Uvarov despite the absence of any evidence. And if you dare to disagree or start asking too many questions, you will be ranked as an agent of "fake producers" and cursed as a "servant of darkness".

Speaking seriously, in this case, Uvarov lied about the cost price of the stuff in order to freeze and save his overestimated charge. Of course, he can't show any specific calculations for proof because we perfectly know the real prices, ordering quartz fillers in the same deposits. And it would be enough to make a simple invoice request to the supplier for exposing Uvarov again! But recognizing the fact that we acquire raw materials in the same places is also inconvenient for him. At that rate, the whole house of cards will immediately collapse...

Therefore, there is only one way out for Uvarov - to continue pulling the wool over the eyes endlessly. Another person would pass by and go his own way. But, unfortunately, the life of Valery Uvarov is permeated by lies in irreparable degree.

Fraud with prices for the Wands of Horus

Evidence of lies and price manipulation
Regular panic attacks of greed led to the phenomenon when Valery Uvarov's bar has fallen below the methods of unfair competition to the level of deceiving customers in his personal online store.

If you try to compare the prices before 2019 in Russian rubles on the Russian version of Uvarov's shop with the price in USD dollars on the English version of his website using the currency calculator Rubles-USD you will discover that Valery Uvarov was selling the wands abroad two-three times more expensive than for Russian customers. Pay attention to lines 2 and 3 of the price table №1. Screenshots as evidence are available. Until 2018 English and Russian versions of Uvarov's website were located on one single domain name. But after this exposing publication, he hid the buttons of Russian pages from overseas buyers and opened a Russian version of his website with low-cost prices for "Wands of Horus" especially on the different domain names! Thus, it is impossible to notice the price difference without finding this information. Because if you browse his store from USA, Australia or Europe you can not find the option switching the page on Russian language and you will not be able to reveal the deception.

Price table №1
Now ask yourself one question:

Were the "low-cost" «Wands of Horus» for Russian customers made from poor and cheap materials and the «Wands of Horus» for the rest world made according to Egyptian canon?
- Of course not! This is just a cunningly masked trick from the lies collection of our ex-partner. And it turns out that the price of "Wands of Ra" by Maat Foundation is quite equal to the price of "Wands of Horus" available for Russian customers. But comparing his prices in English with ours - is visually easy, and you can mistakenly think about the allegedly low quality of our products. This is the main purpose of the fraudulent trick!
In 2019 Uvarov realizing that he is losing the market, lowered prices for Wands of Horus to the level of Wands of Ra by MAAT Foundation. Thus he signed that he unscrupulously misled people by telling them about the cause of the low price of our products ("cheap materials"). Check to lines 1 and 4 of the price table №2.

Price table №2
MAAT Foundation has always sold only the FULL complete set (galvanic insoles, copper patches, leather hand belts for night use, leather case for wands, etc.) But now Uvarov divided his wands into FULL and BASIC sets. And his BASIC set (just wands without any accessories) price is matching the price of the FULL set by MAAT Foundation. Anyway, the difference in the price of the Full set for foreigners and the full set for Russians is still significant. Check the price table №3.

Price table №3

*This is information in 01/01/2019. Valery Uvarov prices may vary slightly because you are dealing with a professional crook.
And he tracks our investigations every day.

Michael Eliseev
Maat Foundation headmaster
"It seems very funny when one is getting confused in his lies. On the one hand, he declares that the "Wands of Ra" produced by our company are cheaper than his wands "because of their poor quality", and on the other hand it turns out that the cost of "Wands of Ra" is quite equal to the price of "Wands of Horus" available for Russian customers...

The pricing policy of Maat Foundation is honest. The cost of manufacturing of the «Wands of Ra» is the same as the «Wands of Horus», but we add not more than 50% for our work (for some types like «Quartz» and «Maat» we add just 20-30%) and give the equal price to all our customers. For wands manufacturing, we use the same materials and exhibit them in the pyramid for endowing with special properties.

I think this example is an excellent indicator of Uvarov's dual nature. This simple case precisely shows his real side, which he carefully hides from the public behind a sweet smile and exciting consciousness stories about caring for humankind's fates. Objectively speaking this trick with prices is nothing but profit manipulation and unfair competition methods. And the question arises: who does Valery consider to be idiots - the Russian-speaking public or residents of other countries?"
"The end justifies the means" - is the prime principle of these actions:
"Choice of the ends covers choice of the means". Seeking to keep attention on his figure by any possible means Valery Uvarov is able to throw mud at anyone. For the role of attacked objects of ritual desecration (defilement) conducted by Valery Uvarov on a regular basis in order to increase sales, almost any people are suitable. During the selection process, the degree of closeness of the relationship with them is not given any importance: he considers it completely normal to befoul an unfamiliar person (which interferes with his plans) as well as his ex-partners, colleagues, and friends. The only people Uvarov fears are those who have power. The only people Uvarov respects are those who have money (those who share with him are honored in a special order), but in the case of cooperation as soon as the cash flow stops the "patrons-celestials" fall into the same category of worthless people as everyone else. The last category of the temporary attention of Uvarov is knowledge carriers and idea generators. While simulating boundless friendship and/or genuine interest the parallel process of drawing out valuable information takes place to happen. Later, as a rule, Uvarov is trying to convert the intercepted information to personal income. Less convertible but still interesting information with sensational elements is usually presented on its own behalf. The waste-human material is no longer interesting...
About cooperation
with Valery Uvarov in the past

The chronicle of events 2006-2014:
2006 - in Saint-Petersburg, a group of researchers begins construction of the first big pyramid by the project of researcher Oleg Novikov (former partner and friend of Valery Uvarov);
Businessman Boris Kiselev invests 1 million dollars in this project providing his land for construction.
In parallel Boris finances the first edition of the book "The Pyramids" which contains theories about the objectives of the world's pyramids building.
The gratitude to Novikov and Kiselev for the invaluable help in the publishing of that book is printed on a special page (presently, all objectionable names of people who participated in the creation of each book at the informational and financial levels mentioned in all printed editions of 2004, 2007, 2009 and 2013 years are thrown out from digital versions (PDF files)... excepting printed copies from which wiping traces Valery Uvarov can't get rid of. All these editions are available in our archives).
Oleg Novikov and Valery Uvarov
Expedition to Egypt
Saint-Petersburg pyramid construction
12th stage
The Pyramids book
2008 - the construction is over. Soon the Saint-Petersburg pyramid is visited by hundreds of people for practice and healing sessions. Scientific experiments began. Valery Uvarov who participated in the project as a consultant is given the opportunity to exhibit his products in the pyramid (wands and insoles). He writes about this on his websites and publications.
Pyramid of Novikov-Kiselev
2009 - Valery Uvarov suddenly begins to distance himself from his colleagues Oleg Novikov and Boris Kiselev. New projects of the company team which appeared due to the experience of building the Saint-Petersburg pyramid unexpectedly for partners of Valery Uvarov became declared as his personal.
The pyramid owner Boris Kiselev discovers that Uvarov spreads negative rumors and tales about his team colleagues behind their back using the money earned by the company for personal use. As a result of these unfriendly actions, Boris Kiselev and Valery Uvarov are having a conversation during which it turns out that Uvarov is a liar and further cooperation with him is no longer possible (the audio file of dialogue is presented below).
2014 - Valery Uvarov robs the family of Mikhail Eliseev (his top manager and production director) appropriating a large amount of entrusted money.
Later when all Valery's ex-partners and former friends mentioned above have met and understood who is Mr.Uvarov really, they founded their own company - "Maat Foundation".

Valery Uvarov explains his significance by the fact that he has written many books. But if you look carefully - they are all written off from other authors.
Until a certain time, we thought that Mr. Uvarov was at least something. Therefore, for example, businessman Boris Kiselev financed the publication of his books, and the historian and ideologist of the pyramids Oleg Novikov shared with Uvarov his knowledge. But when we analyzed the amount of quoted text from the sources that Uvarov brought to editions, we realized that we had participated in the publication of shameless plagiarism. That was another cheating we believed in.
About the authorship of books
and other discoveries

Plagiarism and compilation
The main part of the "Wands of Horus" book by Valery Uvarov was copied from the dissertation of Russian architect Igor Shmelev, who received the State Prize for discovery described in his work (Shmelev managed to decipher the code underlying the composition of the carved panels discovered in the tomb of the ancient Egyptian priest Hesy-Ra). Uvarov even filched the logo of the cover and used it for his project. The genuine book called "THE PHARAOH'S ARCHITECT" you can download from our website.
Candidate of Technical Sciences Svetlana Pavlova became another person whose work Uvarov appropriated to himself. Her books "MESSAGE FROM THE PAST. DECODING THE DENDERA ZODIAC" (2001 edition) and "REFLECTIONS ON THE SCIENCE OF THE ANCIENTS" (2004 edition) are issued by the plagiarist for the book "Pyramids. The Legacy of the Gods" (2007, 2009, 2013 and 2017 editions). Soon we will translate the works of this scientist into English and show a detailed analysis of what remains of Valery Uvarov's book if we remove the works of Svetlana Pavlova from it.
Justice cannot be fooled
Judicial chronicles
In attempt to hide information provided by us Valery Uvarov lost in the court three lawsuits
Thus, after using partners and friends, Valery Uvarov denies their participation in his life and drenches them in feces for self-affirmation. In general, he has a terrifying reputation in Russia, and a particular separate website is dedicated to this.

In the summer of 2018 in an attempt to hide information about his lies Valery Uvarov lost in court three lawsuits for the protection of his honor, dignity, and business reputation. He failed to prove that the facts stated on the website about him are false. Thus, the court confirmed that all the information presented by us is beyond doubt.

All three lawsuits filed by Valery Uvarov against the site's owner, Google and Yandex corporations (Russian search engine) were rejected. Screenshots and the link from the website of the court are attached.
russian court decisions on valery uvarov
Therefore now, apart from delusional articles with the fairy tales about the "agents of negative energies," the liar cannot bring other arguments.
It may seem that Uvarov's attack on our company is the most aggressive due to the fact above. But this is not the only reason. And not even competition breeds unhealthy anger in him.

The most significant irritation for Uvarov is the fact that Maat Foundation today is a whole team of people, specialists in various fields, who have worked with Valery for a long time in the past. And some of us, in particular - researcher Oleg Novikov, are the source of knowledge that Uvarov ascribes to himself. And besides that, we know all his tricks. Moreover, the real research on the influence of the modern pyramids is only in our hands. Because the most part to which Uvarov refers is not documented and the rest is just his fantasy.
Our position and conclusion
maat foundation logo

All the comparison of our products with fakes is inappropriate first of all because we have our own trademark and studies of ancient technologies.

Let's compare ancient technology for example with a car - a good complexed car. And take a look at two different manufacturers. Both cars have 4 wheels, a little different design, and an engine. Both cars can bring good to people, but also can be harmful to them. But it doesn't mean that one of the constructors is better or worse and one of them must have a monopoly on car construction!

The same thing is true with the pyramids and the wands. Can one have the monopoly on pyramid shape or golden ratio? No. On using the crystals technology? No. Does one have the right to discredit other researchers and manufacturers? Neither. Especially when the real producers, copyright holders, and developers are the Egyptians!

Our task and chosen mission are just to follow the canon and make "this car" perfectly safe, of the best quality and affordable as possible for all people. We firmly believe that «Maat Foundation» today corresponds to this intention. It is obvious that this fact is unpleasant to those who are full of envy and greed.
P.S. Since the foundation to the present day we had no complaints from our customers. All the parcels are delivered in time and the payments are protected by the PayPal system. Feel free to meet us - all our projects and links you can find on our official websites.
«Wands of Ra» and Pyramids
by Russian Paleotechnology Research
and Medicine Development Foundation «MAAT»
from the letters of our customers
The right questions
Anthony S.
Anthony S., customer:
Regarding the wands themselves, before I found your website, I actually read the book and watched the site of your former collaborator, Valery Uvarov. But there was something fishy about the man himself, which prompted me to research a little bit deeper about the subject, and then I found your video on youtube where you confronted him about your former relationship together, and then I changed my mind about him and his wands and came to your site. In his book, he talks about the Apophis factor and uses this factor as a fear tool to disparage your wands and other competitors' wands by claiming that his wands do not harm while yours give people cancer. Can you explain in simple terms how does this Apophis factor manifests itself and do your wands circumvent it successfully? Thank you for your time and patience. Cheers!
Maat Foundation:
About "Apophis factor". The "Apophis factor" is nothing more than Mr. Uvarov's fantasies used by him for PR purposes. In ancient Egyptian culture, there are many images that everyone can interpret in their own way. For example on one of them, you see nine energy bodies are drawn (supposedly) and when you go to the next room, you will find on the other - three. But to bring the necessary base under his theories Valery uses the first picture keeping silent about the second. Here in this spirit are built all his fairy tales and nonsense, which have no serious scientific evidence.

The essence of that article ("Apophis factor") is as follows: "If you do not use my products - you will die of cancer". For normal people, such statements cause nothing but ridicule and sometimes disgust. Having three classes of education this so-called "scientist" gives himself the right to determine what is useful and what is harmful relying on cosmic laws. Between us, we jokingly call Valery - "А Cosmic Lawyer".

If you have already read his scribble, please download the book of real Saint-Petersburg scientist Igor Shmelev - download (from which Uvarov copied the main part). A self-respecting scientist would not write that if you do not build according to Golden Section - you're all going to die. By the way, unlike Uvarov we never proclaimed that wands or home pyramids are tools against cancer. Yes, we point out that these technologies can prevent its causes (by balancing body Yin-Yang energies or as drinking the water exposed in the pyramid). But we do not focus on this attention as the primary option of wands or pyramids.

For such statements, one needs serious reasons such as research (we have already conducted research with cancer cells, but even official institutions are not ready to put a seal on their own papers - they are afraid). Therefore, regarding cosmic laws and factors, Valery should think about whether such frantic statements can be made so easily and how this may end in his own life. For us - this is not acceptable.

Regarding our "Wands of Ra"... The quartz crystals and all other fillers for Wands of Ra are being cleaned 2 times - by water flows (which is liquid energy) and with exposure in the big pyramid. Firstly this gives the purification of product materials from unnecessary energy-informational data and secondly gives them special properties. Energy flows of the Earth which are structured by pyramid shape remove not only excess energy but also microbes and viruses. Here are the tests of a person, when using the pyramid we managed to destroy the Hepatitis C virus - link.

In general, getting the serious disease with the help of the wands (of any production company) is quite difficult. For this (again - in theory!) a person needs to use wands after a cancer patient for a long time. But thanks to God I don't know such cases (I suppose that Uvarov himself doesn't know them too). But unfortunately, for some people, all this is not so important when it comes to their pocket... The main thing is to say, and then it doesn't matter.
The advertising of Valery Uvarov website. Screenshot from Google
Gerry T.
Gerry T., customer:
Dear Sir/Madam, I am interested to order MAAT-9 Wands, standard. I get these as they dowsed well above the rest. I work in the healing sphere. I have already used Wands KONT from a different company ..."Wands of Horus". I can't say I was overly impressed, with getting any results. Perhaps they are processed differently to yours and therefore work differently? Your wands generally are much more expensive, why? I am based in Ireland. Keenly awaiting your reply. Regards. Gerry
Maat Foundation:
Hello, dear Gerry! Thanks for your inquiry!
Well, the Kont wands which are matching the BJA "Healer" in our company work by low frequencies. The crystals containing wands like MAAT-9 work by high, and you will feel them much better. We expose the wands in the different pyramid. I don't want to follow "Wands of Horus" tradition in blaming competitors, but we have big doubts that the "Wands of Horus" are really exposed in any pyramid... First of all, because that structure is not "Wands of Horus" property and it is located in Siberia.
About the price. Exactly our wands are cheaper. Maybe you are watching "Wands of Horus" trick with dividing the price on Basic and Full sets. But our price is always for a FULL set. So you have to compare Uvarov's FULL set cost with our price. Check the price tables above carefully. When you pay attention to Valery Uvarov sources, you have to remember that you are dealing with a professional crook. So be alert in details.